Q:    As a Homeowner what do I have to pay upfront? A:    Nothing!  Payment is due only when the occupancy is filled and a lease is signed. Q:      What different services do you offer? A:    We offer many services for our homeowners.  Some of these services include:
  • Tenent Placement service
  • Full Management Package service
  • Website Advertizing
Q:    What if I want to manage my own property but need help with finding a qualified tenant? A:    If you don’t what/need to utilize our Full Management Package we can still help you in other ways.  We also offer Tenant Placement Only!  With a Tenant Placement package, we will advertise your home as a rental, we will show the home to all prospective tenants, we will process all returned tenant applications, screen all prospective tenants, and give the homeowner the information that we have gathered so they can make the best and most educated decision when choosing the appropriate tenant. Q:    How much is a tenant placement? A:    First months rent up to $500.00. Q:    What do you get with a Full Management Package? A:    The Full Management Package consists of many services for the homeowner.  Some of these services include:  advertising your home as a rental, showing the home to all prospective tenants, processing all returned tenant applications, screening all prospective tenants, and giving the homeowner the information that we have gathered so they can make the best and most educated decision when choosing the appropriate tenant. A move-in check will be done on the home before the tenant moves in, which consists of both written documentation and digital photos.  We will also provide the lease and a move-in check list for the tenant.  This will be filled out and returned to the management office within 7 days of move-in.  We will handle all maintenance and repairs on the house and property.  The homeowner will be informed and involved in the decision making of all repairs and maintenance issues without having all the extra headaches that go along with scheduling appointments and the rest of the process.  We, as the management company, will collect the rental payments monthly.  Once the rent has been collected, the homeowner will be receive the rental amount with a year-to-date financial statement for each of their properties.  A mid-lease evaluation will be done to ensure that the tenant is taking care of the house and property.  When the lease is expired, a move-out check will be done to determine the security deposit disbursement. Q:    For the Full Management Package, how does payment work and how much? A:    Once a tenant has been found and a lease is signed, the fee is first full month’s rent (not to exceed $500.00) and 10% of the monthly rent thereafter. Q:     What if I just want some extra exposure with advertising my rental property? A:    You can take advantage of the World Wide Web when advertising your rental property.  For just $30.00 we will place an advertisement on our website until your rental is filled (maximum of 3 months).  We will include photos of the home inside and out, a marketing description and all contact information will be directed to the homeowner. Q:    How do you screen tenant? A:    We have an extensive tenant screening process which includes but is not limited to 1)Landlord References 2)Employer References and 3)Credit Checks.  We also have a numerical qualifying scale that is based on five different factors and each factor is given a rating number.  We can also perform criminal background checks and previous eviction reports for a small additional fee.